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''How To Add An Extra 6 Figures To Your Bottom Line, Without seeing any more new patients"
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What You'll Learn On This FREE Masterclass!
In this Web class you will learn exactly how the busiest chiropractors on the planet get patients to commit to a schedule of care AND book and pay in advance so you can easily add an extra 100k to your bottom line, without seeing any more new patients.

Are you sick and tired of hearing one of the following sentences?
  • “I need to go home and think about it.”
  • ​“I'll just have this session now and then see how it goes.”
  • ​“Let's see what my insurance covers and go from there.”
  • ​“I'm so excited, today is my last session.” (At progress exam)
Then this in depth web class if just right for you!
I'm going to teach you how we and hundreds of docs using our systems get patients to...
  • Say YES to your treatment schedule
  • ​Commit to a longer schedule of care up front
  • ​Book in advance
  • ​Pay in advance
  • ​and be prepared to pay more per session than any of your competition
This is what you will learn on the web class:
  • How we get patents primed to say “yes” before they even arrive!
  • ​How to effectively leverage “empathy” in your communications!
  • ​3 devastating mistakes chiropractors make on when taking case history!
  • ​7 Essential checklist questions that need to be covered in an effective Day 1!
  • ​2 words that you need to hear from your patients to know your “hitting the mark”!
  • ​The 2 most important words the doc needs to say “A LOT” to get patients to open up!
  • ​Why they are saying “NO” to your frequency recommendations and how to easily change it [so simple]!
  • ​How to “frictionlessly” present care plans so that you never feel “weird” or “salesey” ever again
These strategies just work ... see for yourself!
"I've collected just short of $20,000 this week working 3 days"

''I have seen a 220% increase in revenue. Increase in PVA. Increase plans sold and lifetime value. Pluss a record 4th quarter''

"90 booked for tomorrow... we are 254 booked 2 weeks from now, busier than pre-lockdown"

"$7,132 collections today. Ryan, thank you, this is a new record and is more than I used to earn in a couple of weeks! Now I'm doing it in a day!"

"Our year end was yesterday and our collections have increased by 72% and total patient visits increased by 50%"

''102% increase in turnover compared to last year''

''October and November have been my biggest months ever. Up 60% on last October and up 100% on last November! Thanks for the skills Ryan, especially the Sales Alchemy course. Fantastic''

''Largest monthly income for 15 years - £94,000. Thank you''

''We made more profit in the final two months of this year than in any final three months of the last 16 years''

''Again, a record week in visits (226) and a record week in takings (up 18%)''

''Just finished our first in-house screening and it went great. For the first time in nearly 15 years - 100% conversion of all attendees at a screening''

''We had 1008 visits Q4 last year, we've had 2201 visits Q4 this year. Takings from the last quarter of this year are up £33k and counting as we have two weeks to go''
*BONUS* - Get a free copy of Ryan's ''9 fundamentals to grow your practice'' for just showing up to the webinar!
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